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What was the inspiration for the town of Castle Ridge?

mountain photo

I live in Colorado and love visiting the small towns nestled in the mountains. Within an hour or so of Denver, visitors can find a variety of small towns and all of them are different. Towns that host ski resorts and spas with natural hot springs. Towns known for gold or silver mining. Towns that have historical buildings and others that have high-rise casinos.

Places like Breckenridge, Keystone, Leadville, Idaho Springs, Georgetown, and many more.

The history of these towns is always colorful and interesting. For example, Breckenridge was named after Vice President John Breckinridge (different spelling) in order to get a post office. Idaho Springs was discovered for its gold, but what made it famous were the hot springs. In Leadville, they kept silver deliveries secret, yet someone managed to rob the stagecoach. For the next delivery, the sheriff dressed up like a passenger and when they were robbed, he shot the thief in the back only to discover it was his wife dressed like a man.

The people of these towns are just as colorful and interesting, like the sheriff and his wife mentioned above. Mountain Charlie was a woman who dressed like a man and ran a saloon. (Seems to be a common theme. Hmm, I’m getting another book idea.) The Unsinkable Molly Brown was a socialite and philanthropist who was on the Titanic when it sank. Adolph Coors founded Coors Brewery and Ruth Handler created the Barbie Doll.

So it’s no wonder that I looked west when deciding on a location for my contemporary romance series. Quaint towns, historical buildings, colorful characters, and stories. Lots and lots of stories to inspire.

The entire Castle Ridge series (The Romance Dance, The Christmas Match, The Flirtation Game, The Playboy Switch, The Billionaire’s Ploy, and now The Heartbreak Contract) are all set in the imaginary town of Castle Ridge. The books feature billionaires and resort owners, musicians and dancers, ski racers and ski patrollers. Each book stands alone, but characters appear in the other books.

New Release: The Heartbreak Contract

The Heartbreak Contract is a stand-alone, introductory novel to the town and characters in the Castle Ridge series and is only .99 cents. Read the novella description and see links below.


Love on the dotted line.

Self-made sports and entertainment agent Vivienne Tucker knows no one in the frozen town of Castle Ridge is going to melt her heart. No one can. She’s been on her own for too long and while her skin might appear soft, she’s as tough as nails.

Paul Bradford is a devoted family man to his younger siblings, whose heart and life belong to the town he grew up in. He’s not used to taking time for himself or relationships, but after an anonymous one-night stand, he can’t forget the ice queen who heated at his touch and ignited a passion he thought he’d lost. Until the next day when he spies her kissing someone else.

Vivienne never expected to see Paul again until she discovers he’s the older brother of her newest client. An older brother who doesn’t approve of her client’s career choice. An older brother who stirs up desire she’s tried so hard to forget.

When her client is involved in a possibly career-ending accident, Vivienne and Paul must put aside their differences and work together. But what if working together makes them both re-think the heartbreak contract they’d agreed upon?







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